About Heaven Place
Recovery Center

Heaven’s Place recovery center is a CARF (The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited community based program committed to serve the community with care. Our team of experts strives to carefully assist those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and help them rebuild their lives.
Our modern facility is designed to provide the highest level of comfort and relaxation to ensure a steady and peaceful recovery of our clients. Heaven’s Place offers its clientele a wide range of therapeutic solutions, case management, and aftercare in an environment that assures sobriety.

Heaven’s Place works to promote long-lasting recovery for its clients. With a holistic approach, focused solely on the betterment of the customers, we provide the most efficient treatments. With our client-focused practices, we are able to focus on the client instead of their problems. We provide clients with an experience and the environment perfected to promote sobriety and recovery.

We believe that every individual in our care has unique needs. Our experts make sure to assess the needs of individuals and place them in the required rehabilitation program to achieve a successful recovery process. The group of certified therapists, counselors, and case managers at Heaven’s Place work with the clients through every step of their recovery phase.

Heaven’s Place is an establishment where you can heal and find a cure to chemical dependency. Our focus is on the all-inclusive healing of the mind and body that can help you grow and reconnect with the world. We establish the foundations for long-term recovery and a life free from addiction. The rehab programs provided at Heaven’s Place combine therapies and support tailored to suit your specific needs.

Heaven’s Place is a group of passionate specialists endeavoring to serve the community by enabling individuals to lead a sober life. With unique sets of goals and principles, our team supports those with the desire to get cured. We have the right methodologies they need to succeed at achieving sobriety.

Our mission is to make the recovery process simple for our clients. We provide clients with an experience and the environment perfected to promote sobriety and recovery. With a sixteen-bed Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for both male and female clients, our counselors and staff are able to interact with clients to find a treatment that can help them overcome their life challenges.

With a goal to foster recovery from addiction, we believe that developing healthy life skills and a structured program can lead to rehabilitation. Our treatments for the disease of addiction are created with our clients in mind. We stand for quality and safe medicaments aiding in transitional, long-term care through the recovery process.